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Connect patients with services that support their health and wellness.

High quality Healthpoint content

HL7® FHIR® Healthpoint API allows access provider information to connect patients with services that support their health and wellness.

Healthpoint is the single centralised place for people to access information about health and social services available to them. Healthpoint enables people to find relevant providers near them and understand who they are, what they do, the services they provide and how to access them.

Providers and services change constantly. Staff, locations, contact details, contracts, programmes and eligibility criteria for access change. Healthpoint’s world class quality systems ensure service information stays up to date, with approximately 1,200 providers changing their service information on Healthpoint every month.

Healthpoint FHIR API

Supporting the future state of NZ’s interoperable health system

The Healthpoint API infrastructure is built on Amazon API Gateway according to FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) guidelines for API development and authentication. The FHIR® set of data standards enables seamless, on-demand information exchange, improving the ability for systems to share data.

Healthpoint has used the FHIR® standard to provide a true reflection of the NZ healthcare service landscape.

How to integrate

Healthpoint integration is included with Plait for real-time access to pharmacies and your practice information, such your hours of operation.