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New Productivity Platform Launched for Medical Practice

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Frayne Cooke


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October 27, 2022


App-based primary care provider, Well Revolution, today announced it will offer its virtual care platform to power digital care efforts with providers and patients. The platform has been launched under a new name, Plait. Omni Health is the first primary care network to license Plait’s technology for its network of primary care clinics in New Zealand.

"Our partnership with Omni Health is a major milestone toward our vision of growing the productivity of medical practices," said Frayne Cooke, CEO and co-founder at Well Revolution. "Workforce shortages, lagging technologies, and a dynamic market have placed tremendous pressure on medical practice to innovate across their customer journey, technology infrastructure, and operating models."

Plait provides a messenger application that plugs into a practice’s website to deliver on-demand virtual care services. Patients can consult at the tap of a button, book appointments, get prescriptions, repeats, labs and more, all inside the messenger on the practice website, or from a native mobile app on their phone. 

It’s a massive productivity win.

“Using Plait, our clinical teams collaborate and engage more with patients,” said Dr Paul Keys, GP and Clinical Lead at Omni Health. “We’re removing friction so that services are delivered faster and more efficiently. Our teams get more done, with less effort. Our patients get more accessible, convenient and timely care, and the practice delivers and bills for more services. It’s a massive productivity win.” 

Plait works on top of the practice management system software. Today, practices work inside a PMS or EHR and use multiple communications tools that don’t connect - like email, SMS, forms and even social media messengers. Plait is building technology to unify all of these external communication channels into a single collaborative interface where practice teams will work and collaborate with other community health providers to meet patient needs, providing a level of service efficiency never before experienced in healthcare.

We maintain continuity with our patients.”

Mark Wills, Managing Director of Omni Health said, “We’re excited about what we’re able to achieve with technology. But technology itself is not the answer to solving the problems we face in primary care. It’s about our people. Our responsibility as an organisation is to provide our people with the tools they need to succeed in the essential work they do for the communities we serve. We are attracted to the Plait platform as it ensures we maintain continuity with our patients and for us that is critical.”

Integrates with 85% of practice management systems in New Zealand.”

Plait integrates with Medtech ALEX to read and write data with the PMS so that all work done on Plait is securely and immediately synchronised with the practice management system. Plait will provide integrations to other PMS vendors as soon as those vendors offer secure APIs.

"Healthcare is in a period of radical digital transformation with a strong focus on community-based collaborative care. The previous growth and cost reduction strategies of healthcare organisations, particularly primary care, will no longer serve them," said Cooke.

"Our team has learned a tremendous amount in the past two years as one of New Zealand’s largest virtual primary care providers. I’m extremely excited about this next stage of our business, as medical practices leverage the Plait platform to deliver value to their patients and their organisations in new ways."