Unlock Productivity

in your practice team

Boost productivity by helping your team engage better with patients to do more, achieve more and grow your practice.

Consult, prescribe and support your patients on your website.

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How It Works

Add Plait to your practice website
and magic happens

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Add Plait
Care Messenger
to your website

A small and simple plugin on your website opens up a new world of productivity for your practice team. Where communication is collaborative, workflows are automated, and data is orchestrated.

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Patients get busy
You get productive

With Care Messenger installed, your patients can book appointments, order repeats, view their medical records, consult and get prescriptions at the tap of a button, directly on your website.

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Payment for all services automated

Whether it’s chat consulting with a doctor or nurse, ordering a repeat or getting a prescription, payments from your patients are automated, with all data synced to your EHR.

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Turns out, you can have it all

Introducing four game-changing apps for medical practice teams

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Patient Portal

Book appointments, order repeats, view medical records.

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Telehealth App

Chat consult, write orders, notes and more.

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Messaging App

Engage patients, answer questions and provide support.

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Payments App

Automatically bill and collect payments.

But here's the thing. It’s not four separate apps, it’s one.
We call it Care Messenger

Integrates seamlessly with your practice software

A single unified experience for your practice team and patients that works on top of your EHR. Plait represents the future – unifying your practice around meeting patient needs, so that every consultation, request and interaction is effective, billable and grows your practice.


Works with Medtech

Consult notes, medications and bookings made in Care Messenger immediately sync with your Medtech PMS.

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Practice Productivity Platform

Power interactions between patients and your practice team in real-time

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Automate service requests

Receive patient requests in real-time, with automated workflows, service determination and billing.

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Make the most of your investments

Integrates with your EHR, amplifying the value of your existing tools and saving on additional solutions.

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Unlock the potential of your practice team

Collaborative communication, automated workflows and orchestrated data enable teams to do more and achieve more.

Trusted by innovative practices

Love for Plait.

Testimonial Quote

Using Plait, our clinical teams collaborate and engage more with patients. We’re removing friction so that services are delivered faster and more efficiently. Our teams get more done, with less effort. Our patients get more accessible, convenient and timely care, and the practice delivers and bills for more services. It’s win, win, win.” 

Dr Paul Keys

Dr Paul Keys

Clinical Lead, Omni Health


Raising the bar of productivity

Trusted by practices of all sizes

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